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These are some of the services we can offer you


Sample Image Web Site Creation and Management
We will create the pages for your web site, incorporating your logo and text, any copy or brochures you may already have, and manage the site for you, including any maintenance required.

Domain Name Registration and Browser Submission Sample Image
We will check that your requested domain name is not already in use, register as required, and ensure the key browser and search engines are made aware of your site.

Sample Image E-commerce advice, set up and fulfilment
We will advise on the creation of your site, and program the pages so that you may trade on the Internet. We will operate the credit card transactions to ensure the money is banked directly to your bank account. We can also fulfil the orders and ship the goods if you require, and handle any returns. We can also deal with any issues required by Customs and Excise to make your service truly international.

E-mail set up, capture of sales leads and inquiries Sample Image
We will set up your E-mail addresses for you and your staff, and key contacts or customers if required, and will enable sales leads and inquiries that come from your web site to be captured and sent on to you automatically.

Sample Image Database creation, updating and maintenance
Should you be unhappy with your existing contact/client database, or not yet have one, we can create and or manage your own, or tidy and clean your existing one. We can also de-duplicate to avoid those embarrassing duplications of mailings, both UK and International.

Database backup offsite and storage facilities Sample Image
If you are concerned about the physical security of your valuable data, or worried that you are running on only one computer, then let us back up the data and store an exact duplicate copy offsite. We can also offer periodic, ad hoc or regular backup and archiving routines.

Sample Image Laser printing and personalised mailing services
We offer mailing and printing services from small stamped postings, emphasising personal post, to large de-duped laser printed personalised standard letters with multiple inserts.

Sales generation and marketing advice Sample Image
We are able to rent or buy mailing lists on your behalf, with very specific criteria target names and addresses, both consumer and business to business.

Sample Image Also...
We are also able to offer lead, contact or account entry services to enable your skilled Telephone Agents to concentrate on the content of your Contact Management System, e.g. Siebel, and not on trying to key the information and complete the linking.

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