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Graham Wing, CEO of AGWEBDATA specialises in

installing and maintaining Quality Management Systems

under the disciplines of ISO9001, to improve internal

systems and efficiencies, together with Environmental

Management Quality Systems under ISO14001 which

enable companies and organisations to reduce costs and

wastage of resources and Raw Materials, and reduce

their Carbon Footprint.


Small and Medium Size Enterprises already used to

ISO 9001 QMS can also add on the ISO 14001 as an

additional benefit within their existing QMS structure.


SMEs working under OHSAS18001, a British Health

& Safety Standard, can also work towards a fully

integrated system under the three disciplines, using

the common rail approach within the ISO9001:2008



Gap Analysis, Documentation and Training under the

internationally known set of standards are available,

together with confidential no obligation consultations.


AGWEBDATA is an independent business consultancy

with decades of experience in operational and

production control in manufacturing and I.T. Following

on from this, we concentrate on helping SMEs to obtain

ISO certification with UKAS accredited certification

houses, with the minimum need of extra paperwork,

making full use of the Client's internal existing

paperwork and processes which they use to run the

organisation day to day.


Any documentation required by the ISO Standard is

provided to prove the efficiency and completeness of

the Quality Management System, but this is kept to the

minimum necessary, being tailored to the exact needs

of the Client and may improve the processes of the

organisation, having achieved this many times before.


The new Quality Management System will be provided

in an easy to read and use A4 manual, with copies of

all documents confirmed with electronic files for ease of

updating, advising staff of changes and maintenance.

The Client owns the copyright.










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